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poisson BALISTA Cyclone flash











BALISTA Cyclone flash

taille 11 cm

descente à 3m

vitesse maxi : 7 noeuds

Disponible en 3 couleurs


code prix : 401622


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With a combination of our LED technology, a killer good action, internal rattle and high tech colours you’ll be hard pressed to find a lure with more strike features than the Cyclone. The Cyclone is 110mm in length and dives to 3 metres, whether you’re flicking for Barra or Murray Cod the Cyclone has got you covered.

Our LED technology is dynamite for generating a strike, it is scientifically proven that our sports fish are attracted to the red light, and the persistent flashing, flashing, flashing is what draws the strike.

The LED is water activated just cast out into the water to turn on, and when you pull the lure out of the water the LED turns off automatically. The battery life is 250 hours, the equivalent to flashing for 2 weeks straight making it nearly impossible to run flat.

The single hook setup means you can work the lure through heavy timber which a. means your lure is spending less time snagged and more time swimming and b. gives you incredibly good strength. When you hook a fish with singles you very rarely lose them, a single hook is much harder for a fish to throw and virtually impossible to straighten.

If you’re serious about your Barramundi or Murray Cod fishing make sure you’ve got at least a couple of Cyclones in your tackle box, you’ll be surprised just how often the LED will draw a strike when nothing else is working.


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